For Sustained Growth.

Adopting customer centric practices helps ensure value creation – both for customers and for the business, now / near / next.

And it creates a powerful mechanism for creating shared focus, consensus, alignment, and priority across the organization. On a sustained basis. At scale.

We work with stakeholders across organizations to incorporate customer centricity into their planning and execution efforts, backed by high-value market insights, powered by proven approaches and methods that scale.


What We Do

We are a unique management consultancy with deep expertise in creating customer centric solutions that yield better business outcomes for our clients.


Our Experience

A little flavor of the type of work we do


Follow us as we learn, teach, share, and grow with our clients and collaborators

Our Difference

Respect for your work. And how you work.

Customer Strategy Consulting is the sole focus of WideOpen. Our belief in what it can do for your business is the cornerstone of our business. With that in mind, we’ve honed a way of working that works.


No pre-packaged methodologies or ‘trademarked’ products. Instead, the advantages of an outside perspective beholden to nothing except the best answers. Answers that come from adapting robust, proven methodologies, and our approach, to your unique business circumstances.

Low Drag

Our customized approach allows WideOpen to work in the way that makes the most sense for your team, culture and goals. Discrete or embedded, ahead or in tandem, we mesh with your business to make impact in-stride and speed results.


Speed-to-value matters more than ever – for your customers and your business. Customer strategy has to work for your organization, not a hypothetical organization. Our work is practical, deployable, and actionable, created with your operational realities in mind.


About Us

A modern consulting company, twenty years in the making.

We formed WideOpen to be a different type of company. The type of company we have always wanted to work for, with the people we’ve always wanted to work with. WideOpen is the result of intersecting careers spent honing the practice of customer strategy, together. Mark, Jeff, and Steve have worked together at agencies, consulting companies, and as clients and vendors. The joy of being able to do this together, on work we love, for clients we respect comes through in our work, our spirit of collaboration, our dedication to helping companies become customer-centric.

Leadership Team