Mark Fithian


Mark co-founded WideOpen to build a very specific type of consulting company – one that helped clients bring the customer back to the center of decision-making. Where customer-first strategies would allow clients to achieve their most meaningful marketplace goals.

He has consulted across multiple industries for leading brands such as BMW, SAP, PayPal, IBM, The American Cancer Society, Microsoft, and Motorola.

His customer strategy expertise and methodologies have been refined from over 20 years of working for consulting, agency and client organizations. Before creating WideOpen, Mark opened and ran the San Francisco office of a boutique marketing consulting company, was partner at a leading digital agency, and worked at Motorola where he helped commercialize a global communications venture.

Mark is active in his community, contributing to and leading many local committees and organizations.

Jeff Rosenberg


Jeff co-founded WideOpen to work on client initiatives that matter. Initiatives that help clients orient their work around the customer. Work that leads to transformational progress.

He has consulted for companies such as SAP, Vonage, Optum, BMW, Sears, and Capital One across of range of customer-centric initiatives.

Previous to WideOpen Jeff was a founding partner of a marketing consulting company serving market leaders in both b2b and b2c industries, interim CEO of a venture-backed consumer food start-up, and strategy director at a global digital agency. He also worked for Delta Air Lines in Corporate Strategy, working on Delta’s inaugural corporate strategy, and at Merrill Lynch leading business process re-engineering efforts that resulted in monumental cost savings.

Jeff is a volunteer youth sports coach and marathon runner.

Steve Thibodeau


Steve was drawn to WideOpen because of its sole dedication to the customer – his career-long passion. Where he could take the best of customer-centric strategy and focus exclusively on applying that to client objectives and customer challenges.

In the role of senior customer strategist, he has consulted for many leading companies such as BMW, SAP, Optum, Cognizant, IBM, Dell, Vanguard Mutual Funds, Edward Jones, Diageo, NetJets and Mozilla.

Prior to WideOpen Steve ran the Marketing Services division of an integrated agency that included Digital, Social, Content, Data & Analytics, and CRM practices. He was also Chief Digital Officer and Chief Relationship Marketing Officer of a digital agency, and Managing Director at an eBusiness Services company that launched, Chase Online Banking and

While Steve participates in many industry events and conferences and judging panels, he is also regular guest judge at New York University (NYU), for the final class project of a graduate level marketing class and most recently as a guest speaker at the Wharton Graduate School’s Master Class Insights & Trends for the Future of Marketing.

Michael Epple


Michael joined WideOpen to explore through psychology the complexities of customer motivations, emotions, and behaviors, and leverage them for our clients’ business objectives across strategy, communications, product development, and customer relationship management.

In the role of Research Director, he has consulted for companies such as SAP, Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Telekom, DHL, Mattel, BBC, and World Vision.

Prior to WideOpen Michael led Qualitative Research Units at Harris Interactive and Ipsos, worked as Research Executive in a boutique MR agency, as Strategic Planner in an advertising agency and as Moderator & Trainer in the HR department of UniCredit.

He holds a degree in Psychology and is fluent in three languages (English, German and French).

In his spare time, Michael is engaged as a voluntary companion for senior citizens and refugees.