CUSTOMER centricity

Leverage the power of customer centricity to help your organization grow, innovate, and transform


Our Focus

We are all doing business in a time of perpetual evolution and disruption. To thrive, we believe organizations have to put the customers at the center of everything they do.


Client problems we help solve

“We don't have a shared understanding of the customer”

“We don't know who we should be targeting”

“Our customer value proposition is unclear”

“The customer experience is disjointed”

“Marketing, Sales, and Product are operating in silos”


What We Do

Customer centricity requires customer empathy and alignment. Working with you, we produce the insights, perspectives and plans that help you understand your market and activate for significant growth.


Know the existing and emerging needs of customers and business dynamics of an ever-shifting marketplace

 Target Audience Definition
 Customer Journey Maps and Models
• Customer and Market Insights


Create customer value in a way that is differentiated, profitable and sustainable to the business

 Customer Strategy and Alignment
 Value Proposition and Go-to-Market
• CRM and Experience Definition

Our Clients

Our practices are informed by lasting relationships. Our work with these organizations has helped them see around corners, act with confidence, and orchestrate execution.


About Us

A modern consulting company, twenty years in the making.

We formed WideOpen to be a different type of company. The type of company we have always wanted to work for, with the people we’ve always wanted to work with. WideOpen is the result of intersecting careers spent honing the practice of customer strategy, together. Mark, Jeff, and Steve have worked together at agencies, consulting companies, and as clients and vendors. The joy of being able to do this together, on work we love, for clients we respect comes through in our work, our spirit of collaboration, our dedication to helping companies become customer-centric.


Leadership Team